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> Quoting Ian Clarke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > So, this email is an invitation to anyone that has constructive 
> > criticism or suggestion's for how Freenet's "first impression" can be 
> > enhanced.  Topics include installation, FProxy, even the website's layout.
> freenet:// handled by Opera, Firebird etc. If Freenet isn't installed, a 
> redirection to http://freenet.sf.net where the download links are more 
> prominently displayed. 

There's a nice flamewar :).

> There _has_ to be a question when installing asking the 
> user if he/she pays for bandwidth (esp outgoing) and set the configuration in 
> Freenet accordingly - bad press resulting from Joe Doe installing Freenet and 
> getting $1000 bills (think NZ, OZ) isn't good.

Hmm. Good idea. However, I'm not sure that you CAN run a freenet ndoe
with any reasonable performance if it's limited to 3GB/mo as is common
in oz. Technically, the solution is the average bandwidth limiter.
However this is not known to work well (it is pretty much untested since
NIO), mostly because no developers have that sort of connection. Perhaps
we should put some effort in, but I'm not sure that it's proportionate
as users with such connections won't get much out of or contribute much
to Freenet. Yes, it might be useful for the occasional content author,
so it IS worth thinking about; it's just that they'll be put off by the
dire performance implied.

> More "advertising". Atm Diebold are shutting down sites hosting their memos 
> using the DMCA. Educate the world to the fact that Freenet can be used for the 
> "public good" - the memos are already available in Freenet.

The NY Times article did a lot of that for us :).
> Better portals. People _don't_ want links to child pornography (no, I don't want 
> a discussion, flamefest etc, I'm talking the general public who want to USE 
> Freenet) to be the first thing they see. Instead the top portal should contain 
> links like the Diebold one, the Scientology Bible etc. Advertise the fact that 
> Freedom of Speach is the central issue.

Somebody want to maintain a freesite that links to controversial
material but doesn't link to illegal material? A lot of it is a matter
of judgement and personal ethics - Thought Crime links to Mein Kampf and
an article on bestiality as well as a lot of overtly political stuff.
Anyway, YoYo's Controversy section is a good start.
> I just wrote a comment to an article in Sweden's largest IT-newssite where I 
> brought this up (regarding the Swedish military wanting to tap regular users' 
> Internet-connections). This is where we need to push Freenet.
> (http://www.idg.se/ArticlePages/200310/31/20031031135522_SOS/20031031135522_SOS.
> dbp.asp for the ones who can read Swedish)
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