On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 22:05 -0500, Ian Clarke wrote:

> And my vote is to ignore the votes of people who can't be bothered to
> inform themselves before expressing an opinion on a subject.

What do you mean, "Can't be bothered"? I've been subscribed to this
group for ~5 months with the purpose of informing myself. Considering
that just before last weekend this list, that has previously been
virtually dead, began spitting messages at me dated back in June and
July, I find it a bit scary that the people who are supposed to be
maintaining a working mailing list, and seem to be only partially
successful, may be the same people who are going to update the anonymity
software with js that is, in my understanding, a potential identity
sieve just waiting for the slightest "oops".

But you do make a good point in terms of the learning curve. Even as a
quasi-technically-minded newbie, the Freenet interface took a lot of
time and work for me to understand. One of your previous messages in
this thread contained the following:

> - We need a new UI framework that will make it easy for us to create a
decent looking UI 
> - Of the options available, GWT seems like the best one because:     
>   - it has great free dev tools     
>   - its pure Java     
>   - it makes it easy for non-designers to create decent looking UIs
because all the widgets are pre-designed     
>   - We are already using parts of GWT in the codebase.

These seem to me to be eye-candy answers. I understand that js can make
"looking pretty" a lot easier. But other than beauty, how could the use
of js ease the difficulties for newbies, and why would it be better than
non-js solutions?


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