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> On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 14:11 -0500, Ian Clarke wrote:
> > It would be really helpful if people could spend a little time to
> > understand what is being debated before they start ranting.
> Try again. I subscribed to this list last....May? I have received
> perhaps a half dozen messages since then until this last week. Suddenly
> I have 50 messages some dating back to June and July. The first message
> I received in the bunch was the straw poll on javascript. Since then I
> have carefully read every message I have received. There has been very
> little discussion as to why js is needed, or I am missing a bunch of
> messages, or the discussion seriously needs to be brought down to a
> level that I can understand. So don't tell me to understand before I
> start ranting if you are not part of the solution of helping me
> understand. Until I understand, my vote still stands at no.

And this is the problem.  If you admit that you don't understand the issues
then why express any opinion at all until you do?

Here it is:

- Our UI sucks
- Our UI framework sucks
- We need a new UI framework that will make it easy for us to create a
decent looking UI
- Of the options available, GWT seems like the best one because:
    - it has great free dev tools
    - its pure Java
    - it makes it easy for non-designers to create decent looking UIs
because all the widgets are pre-designed
    - We are already using parts of GWT in the codebase.

Rather than everyone just poking holes in every suggestion, why not suggest
alternatives?  Oh, and if it involves creating a powerful UI which
falls-back gracefully if there is no Javascript, please consider how much
additional work would be required to do this, and how exactly it is to be


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