On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 14:57 -0500, Ian Clarke wrote:

> And this is the problem.  If you admit that you don't understand the
> issues then why express any opinion at all until you do?

Because as I began learning about internet safety and security, js has
been at the top of the list as the devil in disguise. My vote was, "No,
but plead your case as to why it's needed and ask again."

> Here it is:
> - Our UI sucks
> - Our UI framework sucks
> - We need a new UI framework that will make it easy for us to create a
> decent looking UI
> - Of the options available, GWT seems like the best one because:
>     - it has great free dev tools
>     - its pure Java
>     - it makes it easy for non-designers to create decent looking UIs
> because all the widgets are pre-designed
>     - We are already using parts of GWT in the codebase.

What?!? You want to add js so that we can have a cutesy interface?!?
Tell me how js is going to improve the functionality. Tell me how it's
going to fix the "backed off" problem. Tell me how it will keep 1/4 of
my files from having to be re-downloaded because of an internal error.
Tell me how it's going to help me get more than a 100kB/s throughput.
You want to improve the INTERFACE?



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