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On Saturday, 11 April 2020, Mau wrote and made these points on the
subject of "TLS Handshake and Certificate problems":

>> I still believe it is caused by avast, though.

M> I experienced the intermittent certificate problems a few day ago, and
M> I have never ever used Avast.

     Maxim wrote this in the list of changes in version 9.1.10:

    [-] The Bat! did require "Key Encipherment" or "Key Agreement" in
    "Key Usage" certificate attribute for TLS even if the certificate
    was only used to sign ephemeral keys to provide perfect forward
    secrecy. If a server only supports perfect forward secrecy TLS
    cipher suites, the certificate used by this server may have no
    "Key Encipherment" or "Key Agreement" in the "Key Usage"

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