I think a MediaWiki or similar solution would be a great thing. MediaWiki 
has a listing of MW sites available, including at least one that says its 
free and add-free (but who knows what the details are?). Other sites are 
fairly inexpensive if data can be kept under 10G.

The question is, is all the stuff currently in TiddlyWiki now technically 
copyrighted, or can it be ported to another working environment?

The current system of documentation discourages participation. I've written 
documentation and tutorials for other products, and wouldn't mind doing so 
for TW, but not tethered the way the current system is. 


On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 11:28:57 PM UTC-8, Riz wrote:
> Ok, so this is a post I have been planning to make for long. Wear your 
> seat-belts. 
> Obligatory warning: The following comments are made out of a sincere 
> desire to see this platform getting better and appealing to more people. 
> Remember that I have no personal gains from writing this.
> The thread is missing the point of Josiah's post. The need for a 
> co-ordinated effort to create community documentation.
> | It's like buying a book on first aid and complaining that there's no 
> chapter on removing kidneys.
> TW5's competition is not evernote. People look for Tiddlywiki when they 
> already left behind evernote and are looking for alternatives. So from the 
> scores of alternatives available, why would one choose TW5?
> TW5 as a first aid solution is not the main part of its charm. We have to 
> admit its limitations compared to the competing solutions. Saving for one. 
> Telling people you can use this as a single page html anywhere is 
> wonderful, as long as you have firefox and a plugin is not equally so. The 
> impending death of Tiddlychrome will be effectively ruling out SPA use in 
> Chrome unless you are game to put up with a less pleasing user experience.
> Also to be mentioned is the inability to use javascript. I understand that 
> there are hurdles wrt security (not really, but for the sake of this post, 
> let us pretend that I understand.). Nevertheless this is a disadvantage a 
> lot of other wikis do not have. [Meanwhile if I use a TW just in my 
> computer in the HTML format without having to worry about security, can I 
> enable the js scripts? There are a lot of awesome js scripts out there and 
> waiting for someone to adapt those to TW undermines the whole 
> standing-on-the-shoulders-of-giants approach. Enablejs plugin is not 
> working,:-( ]
>  If people wanted a simple note taking wiki, they could use zim or Raneto 
> or even wordpress, and for extensive purposes there are bigger projects 
> like foswiki or Xwiki or Twiki.
>  As someone who spend quite some time testing several solutions listed in 
> wikimatrix.com, I can say this with a level of confidence that the 
> advantage of TW5 is its flexibility. It gives you a scalpel that can cut 
> out a make a simple slash or remove the kidney (enough with the medical 
> analogies. That would be the last one.)
>  However, while TW5 shows you the sky, it currently fails you give you 
> enough wings (told you, no more medical analogies). The other day I was 
> looking for a solution to export a list to a text file. The text file would 
> show up with the content <$list filter="[tag[HelloThere]]"/> - which is 
> obviously not what I wanted. I am not ego-centric enough to believe that I 
> am the first one to have this question. Someone might have, and he would 
> have found a solution. It might be even in this group, I just have to spend 
> 20-25 mins trying to sift through the chaff and get to the solution. Of 
> course you can ask the group, you people will graciously put in time and 
> effort to answer. Nevertheless, having to ask such a possibly simple 
> question, over and over again is a dehumanizing experience. Not a whole lot 
> will subscribe to that.
>  This is the point where I have this question: Why is Tiddlyverse so 
> averse to the idea of setting up an organized community documentation?
>  Jeremy Ruston is a single human being who has as much time as any of us. 
> Besides being the main developer of TW5 which he does not use to earn his 
> bread, expecting him to take point on documentation and creating tutorials 
> is seriously unfair.
>  It has been quite some time since Erwan outlined a commendable model for 
> TW5 documentation and Mat raised the issue in an earnest manner. Has there 
> been much progress since then? The Wikidocs group is dead and dry as, well, 
> whatever is dead and dry.
> Now here is a couple of proposals.
> 1. Create a mediawiki to document TW5. (gasp, audible murmurs and 
> chattering of pitchforks). TW5 is not supporting collaborative editing and 
> user approval as of now. It was not intended for such an aim if I 
> understand it correctly. That being so, there is no harm or shame in using 
> other services. The approved users can create documentation which will 
> remove the burden from a single person. There are services that will host a 
> mediawiki for free.
> 2. Create something of the nature of Tiddlydrive where users can simply 
> submit a plain text write-up which will be incorporated to the wiki after 
> being reviewed by a subgroup of moderators. This actually is more demanding 
> than the first option, but it has the advantage that people does not have 
> to learn to clone-commit-push-and-pull.
> Documentation is tough to come by. Demanding that a user should learn the 
> ways of github which is not the most user-friendly solutions, is akin to 
> actively discouraging the user submissions except from a niche. There are 
> scores of cases, examples, tweaks and customisations that has no place in 
> the official website. Nor is its place scattered in a 100 different TWs or 
> 1000 different posts.
> sincerely
> Someone who took 2 months to realize that you can actually change the 
> color of site title.
> PS: For those who put up with the long read, here is a JSON. It will set 
> your sidebar search field to only activate the search upon pressing enter 
> key. Will help if you have a large wiki and do not want to reload the 
> search with every keystroke. 

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