On Thursday, 1 December 2016 21:39:15 UTC+5:30, Mark S. wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Responses to various points -- 
> There probably need to be 3 document paths: User, Advanced User, Developer.
> Each bit of documentation could include the version it was written for. 
> Then the reader could decide if what they're reading is applicable.
> Adding better use-cases would be much more tempting with a MediaWiki (or 
> some other Wiki/Blogging tool).
So what are we waiting for? Jeremy's green signal?
Miraheze sounds like a it is not having much strings attached to it. Free, 
no ads and I did not read about a space limitation. We can always have 
backups. People back up entire wikipedia at times.
We would need a board of moderators just to review the submissions. In 
addition to Mark, I nominate Mat, being the mod of WikiDocs, if he is 
A style guide should be specified for the submissions. Within the outline 
Mark just said -User, Advanced User and Developer, there should be both 
noun based (what is this and what is its syntax) and verb based submissions 
(how to achieve "this" using "that"), interlinking to each other. 

Last but not least, being someone who has very little trust in sustained 
enthusiasm of human kind for anything that will not immediately profit them 
or entertain them, I suggest that people who ask for help in the group,  if 
they found a satisfactory solution, should be asked to document it and 
submit. A little give back to the community and it will ensure steady flow 
of submissions.

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