Hey thanks! 

I think this is similar to Mat's concept! I'm looking forward to his 
SuperTiddlers release 🤩

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 10:43:24 PM UTC+9, David Gifford wrote:
> This is so cool I just added it to the TiddlyWiki toolmap under 'Writing 
> and editing - transclusion'
> On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 11:09:28 PM UTC-5, JD wrote:
>> I hastily created a wordy little macro that does the same thing, before I 
>> read your post, and now I feel stupid lol 
>> Still, I created a demo for the "paragraphs" macro, as seen here 
>> http://j.d.paragraphs.tiddlyspot.com/
>> But the navigator widget(?) method does look cleaner
>> EDIT: corrected URL
>> On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 12:05:45 PM UTC+9, zemoxian wrote:
>>> Here's a barebones template to start from:
>>> <$navigator story="PE:story" history="PE:history">
>>> {{$:/core/ui/Buttons/new-tiddler}}
>>> <$list filter="[list[PE:story]]" template="$:/core/ui/ViewTemplate" 
>>> editTemplate="$:/core/ui/EditTemplate" 
>>> emptyMessage={{$:/config/EmptyStoryMessage}} />
>>> </$navigator>
>>>  You can create custom templates to replace $:/core/ui/EditTemplate and 
>>> $:/core/ui/EditTemplate with simpler templates with the required 
>>> functionality.
>>> For example the view template could be as simple as:
>>> <div>
>>> {{||$:/core/ui/Buttons/edit}}
>>> {{||move-up button}} {{||move-down button}}
>>> <div><$view field=title /></div>
>>> <div>
>>> <$transclude />
>>> </div>
>>> </div>
>>>  The move-up and down buttons would allow you to move paragraphs or 
>>> sections up and down.
>>> On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 9:58:26 PM UTC-4, zemoxian wrote:
>>>> You could combine a navigator widget with a list widget and a couple of 
>>>> templates to manipulate multiple tiddlers from one tiddler.  This is 
>>>> actually how the story works in the PageTemplate.  I've done this in the 
>>>> past while fiddling with stuff.  The navigator widget handles manipulation 
>>>> of the story tiddler by handling messages from buttons on the view and 
>>>> edit 
>>>> templates for the sub tiddlers.  You can create, edit, delete, save, etc.  
>>>> You can also create buttons with list operations to sort or reorder the 
>>>> tiddlers. (I.e. move up 1, move down 1, move to top, move to bottom, etc.) 
>>>> So, it is possible to keep each sub tiddler as a single paragraph with its 
>>>> own title, tags, and fields and reorder them as needed.  It just depends 
>>>> on 
>>>> what features you want for a particular story editing app. It is a little 
>>>> tedious creating an app like this because you need to create the various 
>>>> templates and buttons, etc.
>>>> On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 12:46:29 PM UTC-4, Vytas wrote:
>>>>> I think it is not that important, whether you segment one tiddler by 
>>>>> its fields (if their content can indeed contain longer texts, links, 
>>>>> images..), or by creating new tiddlers within the primary tiddler, AS 
>>>>> LONG 
>>>>> AS you have the ability to EDIT those segments within the edit-window of 
>>>>> that primary tiddler. 
>>>>> Indeed, if you are writing a coherent text, tagging separate 
>>>>> paragraphs by excising those paragraphs into different tiddlers makes the 
>>>>> editing very cumbersome: you have to jump to those new tiddlers to edit 
>>>>> them and then come back to the primary tiddler to see the integral 
>>>>> result. 

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