Mat wrote:
> ... How can we actually make this be real? (as opposed to hypothetically 
> if we had a marketing budget etc)

A cheap way to connect with real "markets" is simply to* identify where 
there is demand*. Then address that demand by making it easier for those 
folk who already demonstrating explicit interest in A specific use-case by 
honed development for them of TiddllyWiki matched to that demand.

That is classic "demand-driven marketing" and can often be very successful.

An obvious current example of that is for Gamers interested in using 
TiddlyWiki to create GAME CAMPAIGNS. There is extensive and increasing 
interest for this visible on the Twitter stream for TiddlyWiki. And its 
also worth noting that about half of DesignWriteStudios students this year 
opted to make game-related TiddlyWiki.

"Marketing" is about supply for demand. So, I think its sensible to focus 
on WHAT is that demand? And what is its SCALE?

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