Josiah et al...

We need to market solutions to the broader audience, not editions, not 
plugins, in some ways not even tiddlywiki, it can do too much, people will 
be scared off. 

Once they try our champagne, many will come to the cellar door, and the 
enthusiasts will enter the barrel rooms and vineyards.

It would be great if there are "fit for specific purpose editions" but I do 
not think that should be our focus. I think from a development and 
contributor perspective we should be building blocks (often plugins) that 
when added together produce *solutions.*

Now it is these solutions we should proliferate, I personally intend to do 
this through the development of business and personal tools implemented in 
TiddlyWiki. Such solutions will of course refer to the following along with 
appropriate credits;

   - Other tools and Services I publish
   - A Directory of solutions
   - The TiddlyWiki open source environment
      - Below this editions tips and tools as currently found on the website 
The reason for a directory of solutions is we can bring together like 
solutions. and illustrate the expanse of possibilities and direct the 
audience that *discover tiddlywiki solutions anywhere* to enter the 
community of solution,s then the platform.

Solutions need not be editions, they may be plugins, a combination of 
plugins or macros, or a simple set of instructions.

To help Illustrate I have created this diagram. "Tonys Disposition 
Management" is a solution of my own, it would be like your own, fully 
operational solutions others can use, it may have a plugin published off but it is a stand alone solution.
There would be hundreds of these solutions everywhere, and anywhere. They 
can be submitted to a solutions library, not to be confused with TiddlyWiki 
Toolmap  <>that includes 
plugins (although some links here are solutions)

 Solutions credit the contributors but only link to the library, the how to 
is only how to use the solution not the components that make it up, we need 
to keep it simple for this audience.

I Suggest there be a standard Text we include in published solutions that 
is not found in other wikis so that an internet search for say \"task 
management" solution tiddlywiki\ only brings up solutions, not plugins or 
development conversations. I would also like to see some analytics included 
so we can find the number of solutions visible on the Internet, and those 
that are connected to the internet (user optin of course).

Food for thought?


On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 9:21:00 PM UTC+10, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> Mat wrote:
>> From a marketing point, TW suffers from being too general.
> Right. And too variant in implementation options. 
> Lack of specificity for A market combined with too many options to run it 
> creates barriers to entry.

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