Hi David,

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 2:03:53 AM UTC+2, David Szego wrote:
> I hereby nominate Tobias's excellent ` (backtick) macro and 
> <<plugin-docs>> macro as the standard by which we should all wrote our 
> plugin documentation to, and it should be part of the TW core so we can 
> just include the right pluginname-info / pluginname-syntax etc. Tiddlers 
> when we package up our plugins.

Not everything, that is a good fit for one usecase "documenting plugins", 
is a good fit for the general purpose core. I think it it good as it is: a 

 ... BUT ... 

We definitely need to enhance the mechanism, how plugins can be explored 
and good plugins can be identified!

just some thoughts.

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