Thank you for pointing these things out. I was unaware of the things you have pointed out.

I failed to specify it in my original comment, but I do not condone the use of 'mental illness' to refer to 'alternative mental wirings'. My statement was meant to refer to the fact that being transgender, as well as some other various personal attributes, appear to derive from differences in the brain of the individual. However, they are not 'ill' and most definitely do not need to be 'cured'. I apologise if any offence was taken at the implication.

I was unaware of any prior behaviour being associated. Presuming my interpretation of the statement is correct (some behaviours are exhibited which suggest this is not merely 'high emotions'), I still stand by the statements made above, with the modifications mentioned above, but cede that my judgement may be incorrect.

As regards the need for compassion, I agree. Whilst I feel that Leah's behaviour needs to be addressed, she is suffering right now. She needs care and understanding more than anything right now.

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