I never stated FSF/GNU/Ruben are guilty of what Leah Rowe claims. I do believe that they are not perfect and that they have a lot of room for growth, especially as it pertains to being inclusive and welcoming as individuals and as organizations. I'm confident of this statement because I know ALL of us have room for this kind of growth.

I believe that there's enough possibility that something really shitty happened to this ex-employee as there is enough possibility that there is a serious misunderstanding or it's all made up. Either way, I think folks should take this seriously and withhold donations until it's ironed out.

"HELL no. That would not be a "win", that would be an unreasonable concession."

Ok, fair enough. What is your desired outcome from this? What would be a "win" for you and for other trans folks? In your opinion, what would be a win for those of us who've experienced similar issues with the FSF and Trisquel?

To me, it's not about setting up a "protected class," per se. In this case, we're talking about transgender folks, but we could be talking about anyone, even old wealthy white dudes. I think it's about cutting through the bullshit of did it or did it not happen and moving into the healing process of what can we do to help more folks feel comfortable contributing to and working with the FSF, to GNU projects, Trisquel, and to Free Software in general.

Sure, it's possible Leah Rowe and/or the ex-employee are making all of this up. Yet, even if that is the case, there's still room for the FSF/GNU and Ruben to grow from this experience and truly move towards a welcoming and warm environment for everyone.

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