Thanks a lot Ben,

I am also seeing this behavior on Windows Phone 7.   How can i help
you with this?

Something changed again recently (i.e. last couple of days).  Now i
see the page rendering "better", but scrolling/panning/zooming dont
work & i cant enter anything into the username/password textboxes.

If needed i can provide a screenshot of what i am seeing.

Any help/guidance you can provide would be much appreciated.  Right
now my users cant login to Twitter :(



On Apr 30, 4:18 pm, Ben Ward <> wrote:
> Hi Bob, Tom, and others,
> On Apr 29, 2011, at 11:50 PM, Bob12345 wrote:
> > I've been using a WebBrowser control in my Window Phone application to
> >logininto Twitter. Today I noticed that thelogin/authorizationpage
> > format had changed and it is now unusable in a web browser control
> > that my application displays. The text on thepageis squeezed
> > together, and thepageunscrollable.
> I've seen a couple of reports of this concerning rendering in the current 
> browser on Windows Phone 7. This is obviously unintended and I'm working on a 
> fix.
> On Apr 30, 2011, at 9:09 AM, Tom van der Woerdt wrote:
> > It sounds like all UIWebView, WebBrowser and probably Android's WebView are 
> > blocked. This is definitely a *good* thing for security reasons.
> > The "workaround" I recommend: launch the actual browser, using a 
> > <yourapp>:// link (something like myapplication://tokenDone) as the return 
> > URL. This is a LOT safer for the users.
> Although I'm personally a strong advocate of the protocol redirects, I can 
> assure you that we have not actively blocked access to the OAuth screens in 
> any context or browser with these updates.
> If you're having trouble with the auth screen in a web view, I'm going to 
> need more information from you because there's no debugging tool for a 
> UIWebView in third party apps. If you can trap any rendering or script errors 
> from a browser view control in your development environment, please send them 
> to me and I'll use them to look for any problems. Email me directly if you 
> prefer.
> Thanks,
> Ben
> / @benward
> / Twitter platform developer

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