Hi Chris, Matthieu and any others running into this issue:

On May 3, 2011, at 5:00 PM, LoungeFlyZ wrote:

> Something has changed in the last few days and now the page is
> rendering a little "better" but scrolling/panning/zooming isnt working
> & i cant enter text in the username or password fields.
> Is there anything i can do to help diagnose this issue?

The update we put out this morning fixes the general rendering of the OAuth 
screen in WP7 (there's a couple more minor layout improvement tweaks coming as 
well, but the blocking problem is rectified.) It now works perfectly in Mobile 
IE on the phone, but for reasons which are inexplicable, loading the exact same 
page within a phone:WebBrowser control in an application suffers from cropped 
rendering and the no-scrolling behaviour described here.

Having spent a few hours in Visual Studio, and reproduced it, it appears you 
can work around the issue by setting IsScriptEnabled="False" on the control.

I'll continue to investigate what's causing the render bug, but the above fix 
should hopefully set everybody running again.

Thanks for your patience, and to Chris and Matthieu for corresponding with me 
on Twitter whilst debugging the issue.


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