Get the Pick Data Provider .NET from Raining Data and get the same support
as Clink for mvBase - no thanks.

There are only 10 people in the world who understand binary and I am not one
of them.  
George Smith

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> George, the best commercial integration option available for 
> MV right now is the Pick Data Provider .NET from Raining 
> Data.  When IBM has UO.NET, that situation may change, but 
> developers must research and understand the capabilities of 
> both products before making assumptions and decisions - it 
> would be very wrong to assume that all .NET connectivity 
> products are alike.
> Honestly you don't need any data provider for .NET 
> integration with MV, you can roll your own connectivity, but 
> there is value in having someone else develop, maintain, and 
> enhance these tools for you.  The same holds true for any GUI 
> RAD IDE or Web building product in our market.
> See my article in the March/April edition of Spectrum 
> Magazine about other .NET connectivity methods for U2.
> HTH,
> Tony
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> george r smith wrote
> >I would like to use C# against unidata what do I need to do this. I 
> >come from a mvBase background and am a little lost in the U2 market.
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