george r smith wrote:
>Get the Pick Data Provider .NET from Raining Data and get the 
>same support as Clink for mvBase - no thanks.

Well George, there are many more engineers and support people working on
PDP.NET than on mvBASE.  mvBASE is a dead-end DBMS product that RD inherited
- Clink was dead when GA had it, don't blame RD for that.  mvBASE is
essentially R83 over Windows - it's seen it's day and it's about time that
support start slowing down for this one.  Compare this to Universe and
Unidata, for which IBM has proven their intent to support the software
unless and until they see as much interest as we see for mvBASE.  If you're
bashing RD support in general, YMMV, but I can tell you that RD is very
motivated to market and support PDP in a way that I haven't seen in years.
And as I said in my last post, to make uninformed decisions on matters like
this is simply inappropriate.

I didn't mean to imply that PDP.NET runs with mvBASE.  That's like putting a
Corvette body over your VB Bug.  Without trying to digress more OT from this
U2 forum, you CAN use mvBASE and other MV DBMS products with .NET.  In that
case I would use FlashCONNECT as the conduit, and create a .NET wrapper
around HTTP calls.  This sort of interface can give new life to a number of
applications that most people have written off.  Similar connectivity can be
created for U2 apps, just use a different pipe like UO or InterCall.  (We
have a new "pipe" here at Nebula R&D that is MV platform agnostic.
Announcements will be made in about a month.)  This is pretty much the topic
of my article in the current Spectrum Magazine.

Tony, Nebula R&D
Connecting MV with ... everything

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