i followed your steps here on my system (iMac 5K and Thunderbolt display). It 
works here without problems.

Maybe it works here, because i have setup that my monitors use different 
spaces. You can set this in SystemControl->MissionControl. I do not know the 
exact english expression as i have here a german Mac OS X running.

One of the advantages  of this option is that i can run other programs (in my 
case DVD-Player) in fullscreen  on one screen and the other screen is still 
visible and not black. 

Maybe you should try that set this option in mission control too.


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> Am 13.01.2018 um 13:14 schrieb Graham Samuel via use-livecode 
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> Sorry this is a bit long, but it needs an accurate description IMHO.
> I’ve already submitted a bug report on some strangeness with using the IDE 
> with LC9.0.0 (dp11) on a two-screen system, with the suspicion that it was me 
> doing something wrong - it was just very muddling. However, today I seem to 
> have found something a bit more generic and I’d like to know if anyone else 
> has seen it, before I start the tedious business of simplifying the issue for 
> a bug report.
> This is what I’m seeing, on a MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.3.2. 
> Attached to the machine is a monitor, in the logical top left position, so 
> the mouse can travel from the Mac screen to the monitor by moving North West, 
> as it were. The MacPro screen is 2560 x 1600 Retina (which AFAIKS means it’s 
> acting like 1280 x 800 for normal display purposes), and the monitor is 1920 
> x 1080. The system is configured so that the initial Mac menu bar is on the 
> MacPro screen (since we don’t always use the monitor).
> If I open LC9, the initial screen comes up on the MacPro, as expected. I open 
> a stack I’m working on and drag the initial display (just the first card of 
> the first stack) to the monitor. Going back to the menu bar on the MacPro 
> display, I open the Project Browser to see the stack details. If I click on 
> the little plus (“+”) sign next to the stack name, the browser display 
> unfolds to show the cards in the stack, exactly as expected. BUT if I move 
> the Project Browser window to the monitor, the plus sign has no effect! I can 
> still close the project browser window but I can’t activate it, whether or 
> not I make sure that LC has the focus by clicking on my card display. If I 
> close the Project Browser, switch to the monitor and activate LiveCode from 
> there (for example by clicking on the mirrored menu for LC which appears at 
> the top of the screen) and then open the Project Browser again so that it 
> initially opens in the monitor, it works OK! If I drag the PB window back to 
> the MacPro display, it goes on working.
> This is the essence of the issue - there may be other variants with the Tool 
> palette etc but I’m trying to keep it simple.
> Does anyone else see this or know of any report? Can’t find anything in the 
> Quality database.
> Graham
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