Just to add to the mix, I have been using a two monitor system for many years, 
I now have an iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017) connected to an Eizo ColorEdge 
CG 241W, the iMac is 4096 x 2304 and the Eizo is 1920 x 1200, both driven by 
the same Radeon Pro 560 4 GB card. Both monitors are set to default scaling and 
I do normally keep the top edges aligned with the menubar on the iMac screen.

I didn’t see too many problems until I upgraded the iMac from a 2009 model. 
With the new iMac, initially I tried using 2 adaptors to connect the 2nd 
monitor, going from USB-C (Thunderbolt) to Display-Port and then Display-Port 
to DVI, not surprisingly that didn’t work too well. Now I have an after-market 
USB-C to DVI adapter and it has improved no end, looking through the reviews on 
Amazon it seems the quality of the adapter can make a difference. AFAIK Apple 
don’t produce/sell a USB-C to DVI adapter.

I have seen problems with bad alignment of LC stacks if the tops of the screens 
are not aligned in the Display Prefs and I had all sorts of minor problems with 
many different apps if I moved the menu bar to the Eizo or didn’t align the 
tops of the displays, to the point where I almost gave up using a second 

Now I keep the tops of the displays aligned and the system MenuBar and LC 
toolbar/toolbox on the iMac and I tend to keep the stack windows on the iMac 
(although not always), I use the Eizo mainly for the Script Editor and 
Dictionary along with the Project Browser and I haven’t seen any major problems 
lately. Occasionally the cursor just disappears, but comes back if I move it to 
the iMac Display or manage to hit the dock at the bottom of the screen, that’s 
not just in LC though.

Problems are definitely not limited to LiveCode, some apps will not work well 
if I attempt to use the second monitor, so I suspect there are some underlying 
OS issues,  possibly from mixing the two different types of display. One of the 
worst apps is Flux 7, it’s almost unusable without some major adjustments to 
the app windows.

After seeing Mark’s last response in this thread I tried a few tests with the 
display arrangements and switching the MenuBar around, everything was working 
as expected until I arranged the bottom of both displays and then tried to 
re-arrange so the tops of the displays aligned (approx the 7th arrangement), 
then the LC revMenuBar ended up in the middle of the iMac display and I 
couldn’t see any response from clicking on the stack, LC toolbox/toolbar or any 
open palette. As soon as I used the message box to reset the position of the 
revMenuBar everything started working again. Then I re-started LC, the 
positions were screwed up again, so I trashed the prefs and all is fine again.

My thought are; from my experience this isn’t just a LC issue, the quality/type 
of adapter may help, keeping the Mac MenuBar on the Mac seems to be more stable 
and it doesn’t seem to affect the way most apps work AFAICS, keeping the tops 
of the Displays aligned in the Prefs pane also helps especially in LC, some 
apps just don’t support dual/multiple monitors well. My final observation is 
switching the display options around with LC open can really screw up it's 


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