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> This is the essence of the issue - there may be other variants with the Tool 
> palette etc but I’m trying to keep it simple.
After some testing I can confirm it's exactly the same as the Tool
Palette problem related to the tops of monitors not being aligned in
the Display Preference Pane. I typically use 2 additional monitors.

My set up is:

Main screen (middle) 15" MBP Retina set to 1920 x 1200
Left Monitor 21" Samsung SyncMaster set to 1440 x 900 (default)
Right Monitor 24" Benq set to 1920 x 1080 (default)

The MBP is running 10.11.6
I do NOT use the Spaces feature of OS X
LC 9.0.0 dp 11

Graham, when you see this, open the Tool Palette (TP), move it so it's
directly adjacent to the PB with the tops aligned. As you move the
mouse over the TP you'll notice that the wrong icons will highlite. So
for instance in one test I did, I had the mouse over the 'Player'
icon, yet the 'Clock' icon highlited (offset high). In another test I
had the mouse over the 'Pointer tool' yet the 'Check Box' icon
highlited (offset low).  With this knowledge you can easily get the PB
to work. Move the mouse over the TP until an icon horizontally aligned
with the +/- icon (or any of the Tree view objects listed) is
highlited, then move the mouse horizontally into the PB until it's
directly above/below the +/- icon (or any other object listed) and
Click. The offset of where the click actually occurs in comparison to
where the mouse visibly is is exactly the same in the PB as the TP.

Of course this is a silly way to work. The whole lot can be fixed
simply as others have pointed out, align the tops of the monitors in
the Display Preference Pane.

I just wanted to prove it's the same issue.

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