Not to go into detail, but I have not seen any problems using two monitors with 
a variety of mainstream Mac software, e.g Photoshop Elements, Pages, MS Word, 
MS Excel, Transmit etc etc. Maybe I’m just lucky, but it’s certainly LC that’s 
giving me the biggest headache at the moment. Good tip about the prefs - thanks


> On 14 Jan 2018, at 20:27, Paul Hibbert via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:

> My thought are; from my experience this isn’t just a LC issue, the 
> quality/type of adapter may help, keeping the Mac MenuBar on the Mac seems to 
> be more stable and it doesn’t seem to affect the way most apps work AFAICS, 
> keeping the tops of the Displays aligned in the Prefs pane also helps 
> especially in LC, some apps just don’t support dual/multiple monitors well. 
> My final observation is switching the display options around with LC open can 
> really screw up it's prefs!
> Paul

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