I have an issue that isn’t exactly the same but may be related. Seldom do I 
work on two monitors, but my display configuration is constantly changing.  My 
primary development machine is a 15” Retina MacBook Pro. The main project I 
work on is a large stack (iPhone 7 native resolution) stack that I work with at 
a scaleFactor of 0.5 so it fits on my internal Retina display and doesn’t take 
too much screen real estate on the external. 

When on-the-go, I use the Retina display in the “almost largest display” 
setting (not the far right biggest resolution option and not the middle 
recommended option). 

When in the office I work docked (laptop closed) and connect the laptop to an 
external keyboard/mouse and external 4K display (via mini DisplayPort) and 
sometimes also a 1080i (via HDMI). When docked, I NEVER use the built-in 

Every time I launch that stack, the top of the stack is off the top of my 
screen. Doesn’t matter what display setup I’m using, I always have to open the 
stack inspector and change the Y position of the stack so the whole thing 
appears on my screen. 

--Andrew Bell
--Sent from my iPhone

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