Hi all - this is how I arrange my screens (also pretty much how they are

I'm running a 2014 15" mbp on High Sierra and my two external monitors are
the special LG 5k ones (with thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapters). No dead spots as
regards mouse movements or clicks

The only thing I find I need to do as regards LC is if I have the big
monitors attached and have previously used LC with only the mbp screen, I
need to right-click the LC icon on the dock, choose options and set the desk
space to 'display 1' before setting it to 'display 3' (where I usually place
my LC). I also need to give the script editor a bit of TLC if the previous
time I opened it was on the mbp screen

set the topleft of stack "revNewScriptEditor 1" to 200,200
set the loc of stack "revNewScriptEditor 1" to the screenloc

These commands in the message box usually reveal the script editor (in the
mbp screen) which I just then drag over, the next time I open LC the script
editor knows where to be and everything is ok. Err occasionally even message
box stuff won't reveal the script editor, in which case I save the app I'm
working on anyway, close and restart LC and it's sorted itself out.

PS: I don't have the tops of the monitors aligned so that mouse movements
between my mbp screen and the big screens doesn't involve a vertical 'jump'
in screen space 

"The first 90% of the task takes 90% of the time, and the last 10% takes the 
other 90% of the time."
Peter M. Brigham 
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