I've been unemployed since 2008. It seems that the industry is blind to
people who want to contribute in a way that does not see them ensconced in
a nomadic lifestyle where the contributor must move involuntarily at the
whims of employers. I've hence resolved only to contribute time voluntarily
when (or indeed if) I find an employer who understands that I can make a
contribution without having to consider relocation.

If you know anyone who will let me work this way, then let me know. You'll
find that I have a LinkedIn profile.

On 8 March 2018 at 10:46, Frank Burough <frankburo...@icloud.com> wrote:

> Owen:
> I am a currently unemployed software engineer myself. I have been in the
> industry in various roles for well over 30 years but am not ready to
> retire. However, I look at my current time of unemployment as an
> opportunity to pay back to the NetBeans community some of what I have
> gained from it. Until the recent emails about joining the NetCAT 9.0 effort
> I had not considered volunteering for the work. However, after completing
> this email to you I will sign up to put my time where my mouth is. I can
> afford the time now, once I am employed again I will not be able to.
> I don’t mean to be critical of you, just trying to offer a different
> viewpoint on being unemployed at the moment.
> Take care,
> Frank Burough
> > On Mar 7, 2018, at 6:27 PM, Owen Thomas <owen.paul.tho...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > I quite enjoy NetBeans, and I would like to aver my wishes for it's
> ongoing success. I am looking at contributing to this thread with some
> hesitation, so I'll put my statements forth, and then see what becomes of
> what I say before I venture more.
> >
> > Contributing more than "anonymous usage data" is a contentious move for
> me because I am somewhat sore over the fact that I cannot secure a paid job
> in an industry which I have sought contribution since I was 15 (29 years'
> ago). I don't find the proposition encouraging of my offering my time for
> nothing in an industry (a wider context than just NetBeans) too conceited
> to pay for my time as a contributor who would work in a part-time capacity
> and from a place of his own choosing.
> >
> > Although I appear to gain from the voluntary contribution of others to
> this extent, I want someone to start paying me for the skills I have honed
> over nearly three decades in such a way as I can make a sustainable
> contribution. I don't want to give my time freely within this industry
> unless I first derive an income with the skills I have.
> >
> > Sorry that I cannot contribute any more than usage data.
> >
> >   Owen.

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