I quite enjoy NetBeans, and I would like to aver my wishes for it's ongoing
success. I am looking at contributing to this thread with some hesitation,
so I'll put my statements forth, and then see what becomes of what I say
before I venture more.

Contributing more than "anonymous usage data" is a contentious move for me
because I am somewhat sore over the fact that I cannot secure a paid job in
an industry which I have sought contribution since I was 15 (29 years'
ago). I don't find the proposition encouraging of my offering my time for
nothing in an industry (a wider context than just NetBeans) too conceited
to pay for my time as a contributor who would work in a part-time capacity
and from a place of his own choosing.

Although I appear to gain from the voluntary contribution of others to this
extent, I want someone to start paying me for the skills I have honed over
nearly three decades in such a way as I can make a sustainable
contribution. I don't want to give my time freely within this industry
unless I first derive an income with the skills I have.

Sorry that I cannot contribute any more than usage data.


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