Hey Neil, a small suggestion, don't tell everyone that their freedom of speech 
is not allowed here and then also "welcome it" in the same paragraph. No one's 
interested in staying within your little box and waiting for you to give them a 
permission slip to have an idea.
Non-commercial doesn't have more working options than commercial, this is 
simply false. Go browse around on github right now, see for yourself how great 
the percentage of projects there are just dead and dormant. With commercial 
software, it tends to live while it's profitable and when it's a bad idea or 
poorly run, it disappears. Survival of the fittest in action.
You say that these ideas are "impossible" and that it's "trolling" - is it 
really? As far as I can tell, if Apache was truly open about things (which I 
know they aren't), nothing stops me from taking the netbeans source code, 
applying a commercial license and keeping all the profit for myself. Obviously 
that helps no one but it certainly proves that it's not impossible.
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Anyway, it seems to me that "capitalism" has actually proven not to be a
good role model for software development, see Windows bugs and backdoors
vs. Linux security,

I realise you put it in quotation marks, but can we please stop perpetuating 
this myth of the equivalence of capitalism and closed-source software.  I mean, 
Linux is mostly developed by corporations, including Microsoft, right?!

NetBeans is an ASF project, it has to play by the rules here, and at the same 
time we need to make sure it thrives here.  But the only measures of that 
success are what we decide them to be.  So, constructive input to that seems 
welcome, impossible suggestions or criticism bordering on trolling, less so!

Aside - whenever anyone asks why I use open-source / Linux over Windows, my 
stock response is always that I got fed up of paying for stuff that doesn't 
work properly.  Now I've got loads of other stuff that doesn't work properly, 
but at least I don't feel ripped off for it! ;-)

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