John Simpson wrote:
> On 2006-03-27, at 1304, Robin Bowes wrote:
>> John,
>> Can this be modified to pass parameters to the program/script? For
>> example, the action that has just occurred, plus any data associated
>> with that action? e.g. "onchange useradd [EMAIL PROTECTED]"
> i guess it's not impossible... i hadn't thought of doing that, but it 
> shouldn't be hard.

Nice - just what I had in mind.

>> Also, have you tried this with vqadmin/qmailadmin? The reason I  mention
>> this is that I'm having a bugger of a job getting my code that
>> implements skel dirs to work with vqadmin - it works fine from the
>> command line (as root) but I get a permission denied error when
>> executing from vqadmin.
> i've tried it with qmailadmin, and i've tried it with the command  line
> tools, and i've tried it from a vpopmaild service. all seem to  trigger
> the script when they should. however you couldn't pay me to  use vqadmin
> in its current form (nothing personal, i understand you  guys are
> working on other things- and to be honest i'm happier adding  and
> removing domains with the command line tools any way.)

Me too, but I've got a customer who uses it so it has to work (in the
absence of any other way to add new domains from a web interface.

I'll try your patch and see if it works for me with vqadmin.

Thanks for doing this.

> shows a clearer example of how  to
> run vpopmaild under daemontools, by the way.

Clearer than what? I just use:

# vpopmaild - used by qpsmtpd auth_vpopmaild plugin for authentication
#             with vpopmail.

exec /usr/local/bin/tcpserver \
        -vHRD \
        $HOST \
        $PORT \
        $VPOPMAILD \

One of these days I'll get round to using envdir ... :)


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