On Dec 19, 2008, at 7:19 AM, Henry E Schaffer wrote:

Alan writes:
If VCL is a trademark owned by NCSU then they would have to assign the
trademark to the ASF or we would have to change our project's name.

 OK - I think we've reached a very clear question to be resolved.  I
think here's what needs to be resolved (at least in my mind):

If VCL is a trademark owned by NCSU, and If NCSU assigns the ownership
to the ASF - then would ASF give NCSU permission to continue its web
site as is (possibly with an acknowledgement to the ASF)?

 Alternatively: If VCL is a trademark owned by NCSU, and If NCSU
doesn't assign the ownership to the ASF, but gives permission to ASF to use "VCL" as part of naming this ASF project - could, and would the ASF use
"AVCL" ("Apache VCL") as the name?  (Or some other formulation which
would be an Apache name but clearly portray to users and potential users
that it's the same project.)

 Does the above make sense?

It does Henry.  Unfortunately I don't think that either would fly.


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