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> Shawn Walker wrote:
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> >> > Another nice feature I've seen on Linux, is the ability to configure
> >> > it to display syslog output on one of the virtual consoles.
> >> > Will it be possible to do something like this with Solaris?
> >>
> >> If you can describe more details in this function as you expect,
> >> we may think about it. Thanks!
> >
> >
> > I can field this question I think.
> >
> > Many Linux distributions allow you to redirect the system messages you
> > normally get spammed with (such as unknown hsot name "loghost", etc.)
> > to a specific console. That way you can essentially "watch" what goes
> > into /var/log/messages on a Linux box on a specific virtual console
> > instead of having that output (rather inconveniently) go to the same
> > console as the one you are using (causing your vi session to be
> > annoyingly interrupted as an example).
> >
> On Solaris, by default, the syslog info will always go to the system
> console (/dev/console, also namded as "the first virtual console"),
> thus there'll be no the problem you mentioned above.
> Of course, you can configure it to go onto any other of the virtual
> consoles. Please see syslogd(1M).

That sounds like the same thing they're asking for then. Thanks.

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