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>.. go right ahead. :)
>It will take a while.  :)  But in the meantime I'll replace the rowboat
>analogy with a more apt one.  One description of gravitational attraction
>is that of a mutual attraction between two bodies with mass.  It is similar
>in that regard to magnetism or Coulomb attraction. Place a magnet on a
>table and a piece of ferromagnetic metal near to it, and they will both
>slide towards one another if their masses are on the same order. (If the
>masses are not on the same order, this will still happen but just not be
>readily perceived.)
>The situation of a photon being attracted to a massive object without the
>massive object being attracted (pulled) in the direction of the photon is
>like that of a magnet that pulls on a ferromagnetic object without the
>object pulling the magnet towards it as well.  The magnet would stay in
>place on the table, undisturbed, while only the ferromagnetic object slides
>towards the magnet.

This would be true if gravity was actually a force. If OTOH it is merely a
distortion of spacetime, then as far as the photon is concerned it is just going
"straight ahead". IOW it just follows the shape of the space it is traversing.

Robin van Spaandonk

local asymmetry = temporary success

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