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>Not true. Learn how Hawking's radiation works.
Indeed, a direct consequence would be that Hawking radiation doesn't exist, and
consequently black holes do not radiate.

Note BTW that if it did exist, then some small black holes should be intense
sources of gamma radiation with a cutoff energy off 511 keV, while there is no
visible source. The source of the gammas would be positrons produced by the
black hole annihilating with electrons in normal space outside the black hole.
There is an equal chance that either half of a pair created near the event
horizon would be emitted, so half of the particles would be positrons.
The cutoff energy is a consequence of the gamma being red shifted as it escapes
the black hole gravity well. The maximum energy is produced when the positron
gets far away from  the black hole, before it annihilates.
The overall signature is a halo of gammas with ever less energy toward the

Robin van Spaandonk

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