The SRI paper also discusses the Ni-H work of  Notoya, Ohmori, Noninski and
Bush. I worked closely with all of those people. I paid several thousand
dollars of my own money for some of their work. I have lots of data from
them. I know a great deal about their calorimetry. I am not confident that
they got positive results. I have no confidence in the calorimetry of the
latter two in particular. I agree with McKubre and Srinivasan's take on
this. They did not dismiss Ni-H and neither did I, but it was far from
convincing. It was puzzling.

McKubre and Srinivasan did everything they could. They did as good a job as
anyone did back then. Armchair critics who claim they were "posturing" are
out of line. People who have not done experiments -- or paid for
experiments -- have no notion of hard this is, or what a risk it is. Cold
fusion is much harder than it looks.

- Jed

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