From: Jed Rothwell 

No it isn't. I repeat SRI did not work with Ni-H gas phase. Ni-H2O is NOT
the same as Ni-H and the dynamics are very different.

JR: No one was working on gas phase Ni-H in those days. 

Wrong again. The Thermacore Ni-H gas phase report had been out by the time
Srinivasan came to SRI.

Had he, or anyone else at SRI done a minimal survey of the available
literature in the field, they would have clearly seen that this experiment
was by far the most robust energy gain seen with either palladium or nickel,
up to that time.  

JR: It hadn't occurred to anyone to do it. 

Only if they could not read the available literature.

JR: Srinivasan did what seemed most likely to work. He did what Mills and
others claimed was working. It never did.

Doubly wrong. Srinivasan did have minor success with light water
electrolysis ! 

Do you not even read the papers before you comment? True it was not a
glowing success, but he should have started out to duplicate the Thermacore
gas phase - which is the early 1990s was seeing more heat from Ni-H than
Rossi gets today, based on the criterion of heat per unit of nickel surface

JR: What day was that? They did the experiment as soon as they could get
cooperation from Arata. 

By the mid 1990s the opinions of most physicists had already been made up.
LENR was pathological science. What SRI did later was too little, too late.


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