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> I hate to quote Krivit on this, but he has considered this research
> recently:

This quotes TR-107843-V1, June 1998, pdf page numbers 363-375. Excerpt:
"Out of 22 cells in which calorimetry was carried out, 10 cells appeared to
indicate some apparent 'excess power' with respect to (V-1.482)*I."

I later asked Srinivasan what his final conclusion was. He said the results
were marginal, or insignificant. He does not have confidence in them.

He worked his butt off on this. He was disappointed but, but honest in
admitting that it was a failure.

I could ask him again, but that was his final conclusion some years ago.
There was a glimmer of success, as noted. A highly optimistic person might
have concluded it worked a little. There have been many marginal results in
cold fusion that an optimist might take as positive. Srinivasan, McKubre,
Storms, Fleischmann and most others in this field are not optimists. They
are realists. They do not accept a result unless the s/n ratio is high.

- Jed

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