From: Jed Rothwell 


JB: Doubly wrong. Srinivasan did have minor success with light water
electrolysis !


JR: He told me he did not succeed. He thinks the heat was insignificant.


Is any gain (any gain that ostensibly violates conservation of energy)
really "insignificant"? Is COP = 1.2 insignificant? I don't think so.


Not to put word in his mouth, or your memory, but I suspect that what he
told you was he could not be sure the gain did not come from recombination


By the mid 1990s the opinions of most physicists had already been made up.
LENR was pathological science. What SRI did later was too little, too late.


JR: How could they have done it earlier? Arata and Mills did not emerge
until the mid-1990s.


Mills was publishing in 1990, and Thermacore has started work on their
project for DARPA that same year. 


Mills first paper in Fusion Technology was 1991 IIRC. 




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