From: Jed Rothwell 

*       SRI's publication quoted by Krivit makes it clear they were keeping
track of the research. They were stretched thin and could not try every
promising technique. They wasted no time.

Haste makes waste. Yet, they should have taken full notice of what
Thermacore had accomplished years earlier, as stated in the Gernert paper on
the LENR site. 

ONE DID NOT NEED NANOPOWDER FOR THIS, only a careful evaluation of the state
of the art at that time. For heaven's sake, Thermacore's patent had already
issued - not just filed but issued - long before Srinivasan even arrived on
the scene.

He or someone else was negligent in not pursuing the most robust results
that were easily attainable at that time - hydrogen gas phase. If he
declined because of the patent - that could be relevant, but it is not in
the record.

Yes, I know that hindsight is 20/20 but why is Rothwell trying to rewrite
the history of this episode ? It is clear in that SRI dropped the ball on
several occasions, and not just this one. 

We should probably admit that, forgive them, and move on to the present.
However, I am not convinced they are making amends. I hope they have an
active program Lab going on now - since the Ahern contract is over, and it
was miserly at best - but I suspect that, regrettably, all available funds
are going to 'other things' besides R&D. 

You may not like the term 'posturing' for those 'other things', and First
Class flights are expensive these day - and we do need conferences, and
videos, and so on to educate the masses - but this is clearly not R&D by an
outfit whose mission should be Lab R&D. Or have they morphed into PR? They
still have "Research" in the name. Maybe it should be SPRI?

My rant for today, held over from Friday the 13th.


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