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    These prices are just plain silly.

    He's going to manufacture furnaces for the home for $500 each.

    Sure he is, like I really believe that...

On the contrary, it is quite believable. The device is only 10 kW, which is not enough to heat an entire house. It sounds like a stand-alone device, like a large baseboard electric room heater, or a kerosene heater.

OK, that's a good point. For a stand alone "space heater" the price makes sense.

I was picturing a "fixed installation" furnace that's hooked into the heating ducts or steam pipes of the house, and they start at about $650 and go up ('way up) from there.

A 240 V 5 kW baseboard heater costs $250, so that's right at the same price point. 12 kW kerosene heaters cost $150 to $250.

A small gas furnace designed for central heating, with remote thermostatic controls and whatnot costs $800 to $1000.

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