kayaknya di film Spongebob Squarepants juga pernah nonton
ada lapisan di bawah laut di mana mahluk2 air di sana punya kehidupan sendiri
ada bak mandi, kolam renang dsb :)


2010/3/13 sunny <am...@tele2.se>
> Cenote Angelita, Mexico Underwater River
> http://chandrawijaya.com/cenote-angelita-mexico-underwater-river.html
> ......"But wait, it's not brown fresh water comes from. Mentioned, like the 
> brown river water is the bottom layer of hydrogen sulfide gas. Gas is usually 
> produced from sewage.
> Overall, the team's divers found the conditions very surprising and amazing 
> to look at.
> "In the depths of 60 meters I found the water again. I saw a river, island, 
> complete with falling leaves. But the river that we see is a layer of 
> hydrogen sulfide gas," said Anatoly.".."

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