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(JJ)Militarily, it's much easier to go to war if you can use technology to 
make it less personal.

It might make the decision to GO to war easier, but that may be problematic 
in itself. Remember the Persian Gulf, the highway of death? Remote control 
killing was fine until people had to confront the bood and duts of it, and 
then the collective bleating was of horror, horror, horror. Better to keep 
one's mind on that from the get go, better to make the good decision at the 
start. Besides which, this techno-warfare may not last. Our enemies aren't 
going to agree to fight on our terms, and there are lot's of places in the 
world where the technologically advanced USAF isn't going to be an 
advantage. Several millenia of war, and we still rely on the individual, 
often at close quarters. I don't see technology changing that.

(JJ)If we didn't have such a powerful Air Force, would we have intervened in 
the Balkans?

We might not have. But if Milosevic hadn't relented, what would the poweful 
Air Force have been able to do? I don't think it could have forced a 
decision. Remember the Battle of Britain? A determined opponent can 
withstand bombing.

(JJ)So I agree with you that humanity is slipping away.  But what is your 
position on the military in general?  Do you think no military has a place 
in the world?  Do you think militaries are instruments of death and 
destruction only, and offer no benefit to the world?

I'll have to think on this.

Jill, who is feeling a little wierd at the parallel universe existence of 
the two War and Politics lists.
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