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Do you think militaries are instruments of death and 
destruction only, and offer no benefit to the world?

This question deserves an answer.  Just yesterday a TV program explained
the reason men are so prone to war, is not their aggressiveness but their
willingness to conform and take orders.  WWII has radically changed our
country as this mentality is consuming it and a population driven by fear
and a paranoid idea of being superior and in control is welcoming a
police state.  

Notice once our coins pictured our goddess of liberty and she was
replaced with men.
Women's liberation came with taking the goddess off our coins, and this
is important, because women do not conform and obey orders as easily as
men do.  Women are loyal to their families, as men are loyal to the king,
cooperate culture, or military authority.  We did not liberate women, but
degraded everything feminine and we have replaced family order with
military order.  We could throw every weapon in the ocean and we would
still be living under military order.  As happened in Germany, a nation
at this point is ready for war.  Education for technology for military
and industrial purpose got us here.  Women being equal to men by being as
men, put the world at greater risk.

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