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Hopefully this isn't too off topic!
I'll use my course for this year only as an example:
eight papers (ie. courses) at either $NZ 480 or $550 each. Works out at
around $NZ 4050 for the year.
Multiply that by five years for my degree equals $NZ 20,250
So in US dollars that is $US 1615 for this year, and $US 8,070 (approx) for
five year degree.  (If I'm converting correctly).
Take into account the current unusual exchange rate between NZ and the US of
Of course these are at subsidised (by government) rates as you will find in
most post-British-colonial countries (e.g. Australia). Still, fees rise
quite considerable every year and it is still very very difficult for
students to live without borrowing for tuition through the government
student loan scheme. This leaves most graduates spending much of their adult
life paying off their debt to the government.

Hope this gives you all a little bit of insight :)


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> Hi Nick,
> I have heard students around the world pay much less for their college
> educations than students in the United States have to pay for their
> college educations.  I would like to raise awareness of  differences in
> college cost.  Would you mind telling us what is the adverage cost annual
> cost of a college education in New Zealand?

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