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In a message dated 12/4/01 11:17:08 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< How could he agree to ban gun ownership when that clearly violates our 
--Then there is something wrong with the constitution! >>

There is NOTHING WRONG with the U.S. Constitution! 

I know people in foreign countries don't really understand what the big deal 
is over Freedom -- but in the United States, it's the cornerstone of our 
lives. And a public who has been disarmed is a public who can no longer 
protect themselves from the damages that big government, like big business, 
always provides. 

Do you honestly think the people of this country would have any voice at all 
if we lost our guns? The only thing that keeps our government in line and 
still responsible to the people is the fact that we can fight back if we have 
to! In fact, our forefathers charged us with that very responsibility ... to 
rise up as one, if those in charge of our Republic forsakes it's Constitution 
and laws and attempts to take away our rights. 


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