Per Inge Mathisen wrote:
> Hello,
> In my effort to clean up the basic engine definitions, I would like
> remove the armour hit sides. This was added a while ago by Watermelon,
> and to my best knowledge it has never been used for anything useful or
> interesting, nor do players keep this in mind while playing or make
> use of it while micromanaging their units. It does, however, waste
> some memory for each game object, and we could get rid of some code
> complexity by removing this feature. So unless anyone complains, I
> will rip it out.
I am all for removing it:
1. Too complex.
2. GUI not up to show people this.
3. Control over units not good enough to use the knowledge.
4. Even more stuff to consider when balancing (similar to "too complex").
5. There already is enough variation/tactics in Warzone 2100. Less is more.

- Kreuvf

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