>I am all for removing it:
>1. Too complex.
>2. GUI not up to show people this.
>3. Control over units not good enough to use the knowledge.
>4. Even more stuff to consider when balancing (similar to "too complex").
>5. There already is enough variation/tactics in Warzone 2100. Less is more.
>- Kreuvf

I still wonder what is soooo complex in this code? Could someone give me a 
hint, please?
Yes, there is a usability problem due to 2 and 3, but I think those could be 
I'm more then willing to make some improvements to current GUI (as I'm not 
much in betawidget stuff)
and could start right from this task.
I don't ask to change current stats/tactics model, I just want to allow some 
productive persons to use this feature in their mods and maps and invite 
some new tactics to gameplay - as more alternatives is not always bad (this 
will solve 4 and 5 for core game if you wish). I don't know for sure, but 
maybe a majority of modders/people aren't aware of the feature? We could 
re-announce it and just to see if it will interest someone. We could always 
remove it if not... just give another chance.


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