No UV and radiation are not the same value.
UV values are in bold because I made it bold to see it better.
Yes I am soure my station report the same value as it is on console I 
checked that many times.
Here is my calibration section.

        # For each type, an arbitrary calibration expression can be given. 
        # It should be in the units defined in the StdConvert section.
        # Example:
        # foo = foo + 0.2
        radiation = radiation * 0.731
        rainRate = rainRate * 0.1
        #barometer = barometer * 10.0025
        pressure = pressure * 1.0035
          UV = UV * 0.003
#windSpeed = windSpeed * 4.5

Dne sobota, 14. april 2018 09.44.14 UTC+2 je oseba Andrew Milner napisala:
> If you do not have your calibration statement are you saying that UV and 
> radiation are the same value??
> What is your calibration??  You just said it is very high.
> Why are some UV values in bold print in the loop and rec packets??
> Are you sure that your weather station actually outputs the same index 
> value which you see on the weather station console??  So far all the 
> evidence seems to imply that it does not provide the UV index in the same 
> form that you see it on the console.
> On Saturday, 14 April 2018 10:10:39 UTC+3, Damjan Hajsek wrote:
>> Yes I hope we can solve that, because I use now verry high factor for 
>> calibration to see aproximatelly the same result as on console.
>> Dne sobota, 14. april 2018 02.35.05 UTC+2 je oseba gjr80 napisala:
>>> Unlikely to be anything to do with units, UV and radiation use the same 
>>> units irrespective of the unit system in use. From the loop/archive data 
>>> last shown I would hazard a guess that the driver is (now) doing its thing 
>>> correctly and presenting weeWX with credible UV and radiation values. If 
>>> these values correspond with what is displayed on the console then I don't 
>>> think there is any issue with the driver. In that case perhaps we need some 
>>> elaboration on 'weewx doesn't read it right'.
>>> Gary
>>> On Saturday, 14 April 2018 10:13:24 UTC+10, Andrew Milner wrote:
>>>> Damjan
>>>> I do not think you are telling us everything which you are 
>>>> doing/changing!!  When you first posted to this thread the loop records 
>>>> were in US units, and UV values appeared to be very high.  Your latest 
>>>> posting has loop records in metric, and UV values appear to be more like 
>>>> UV 
>>>> index values.
>>>> So, do you still have a problem?  If you have been changing your 
>>>> database units then your database could well contsin a mixture of imperial 
>>>> and metric values - with very unpredictable results.
>>>> On Saturday, 14 April 2018 02:49:33 UTC+3, Greg Troxel wrote:
>>>>> Andrew Milner <> writes: 
>>>>> > matthew has already said tha weewx does not calculate uv index - it 
>>>>> merely 
>>>>> > uses the data provided by the station 
>>>>> But if there is some hardware that provides bits in a UV field, then a 
>>>>> driver for that hardware should be translating the bits into an index 
>>>>> value according to the encoding used.  I don't think we should be 
>>>>> using 
>>>>> calibration notions as a substitute for a well-understood 
>>>>> representation.  But maybe I'm missing something here. 

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