"Daniel Kinzler" <daniel.kinz...@wikimedia.de> writes:
> Am 05.05.2014 01:35, schrieb Joe Filceolaire:
> > I agree with Gerard that you only edit your language label in the 'label' 
> > edit
> > box. If the label box is showing the label in a fallback language then it 
> > should
> > be visually different - greyed out and italic for instance or like the 'edit
> > label in English' text. If a user wants to edit other language labels then 
> > that
> > is what the 'in other languages' boxes are for.  
> That's probably a good approach, but would need the "other languages" box to
> become more flexible, and include aliases. It's also strange to have it 
> visually
> separate from the thing you actually want to change. Not easy to get this 
> right.

Since my "other languages" box is using some more than 5 maximal screen heights,
having it slightly separated does not disturb me. Not any more, at least.

There are two things which are not directly related to variants but imho could 
fixed in one go with them:
- Entries are using up much too much valuable space. I wish to delete all 
and use a more list orientated approach. At least as an option.
- it is really frustrating that I cannot enter many labels which I know since 
(for no apparent reason) does not allow labels to be added for a whole lot of 
and that my babel list has to be incomplete because #babel does not offer many 


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