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> Hi all,
> What I don't understand is the need to keep all labels blank until
> they are updated by hand. Especially for biographical articles, it
> would be nice to have original spellings of the person's name, even if
> it's Chinese or something else really far away from English. That
> might serve as a prompt to people to update the label more than blank,
> no? Take a look at this person:
> https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q11287651

That's exactly why we need language fallback, yes.

> There are so many variants in spelling of the name, but I consider
> them all correct, depending on the source. In the case of historical
> people, can't a bot go through and update the labels so that queries
> will return something? Anything is better than blank, I think.

That's already happening. It just takes time.


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