Am 05.05.2014 10:41, schrieb P. Blissenbach:
> There are two things which are not directly related to variants but imho 
> could be
> fixed in one go with them:
> - Entries are using up much too much valuable space. I wish to delete all 
> whitespace,
> and use a more list orientated approach. At least as an option.
> - it is really frustrating that I cannot enter many labels which I know since 
> Wikidata
> (for no apparent reason) does not allow labels to be added for a whole lot of 
> languages,
> and that my babel list has to be incomplete because #babel does not offer 
> many languages.

It should be relatively easy to write a gadget that allows this. Could even be a
single text box, with one language per line - a terse power user interface.

The whitespace thing could easily be done as a gadget as well. Is there a gadget
kitchen on yet?

-- daniel

Daniel Kinzler
Senior Software Developer

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