Per GerardM: "Many people no longer trust Commons to store their media
files. People
   are more certain that their files will remain available when they upload
   media files to their own project."

I for one won't use Commons for image uploads. I feel that my uploads have
been treated vindictively there.

There is no functional reason for Commons to even exist. Images can as
easily be uploaded to the various language Wikipedias for use in
illustrating encyclopedic articles, which is the true point of the
exercise, thus allowing different encyclopedias maintaining differing local
standards for their inclusion. (Just be sure to use the {{keep local}} flag
to keep things from being expropriated by bots and buccaneers if you go
this route.)

Commons is dominated by "free use" (as opposed to "fair use") advocates who
see mission of the repository as the accumulation of any image whatsoever
which may be deemed "educational" in the very loosest sense of the term.
They rely on a precedent established in 2004 as their rationale for their
free use worship, which they consider axiomatic but which is actually

Commons has poorly developed standards for inclusion vs. exclusion and is
dominated by a group who run roughshod over their critics.

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