The issue is *about* Commons but doesn't only affect Commons, particularly
the discussion around alternative methods of making not-purely-free files
available and searchable across Commons. As you can see from the growing
discontent with Commons, this URAA issue is not the only problem. It's
merely the best recent example. The discussion you propose on Commons
appears to focus purely on URAA; that's fine, a discussion like that should
exist (though I object to your presumption (and odders) that the URAA RfC
is discredited or nullified either by the way it was closed or by a
follow-up RfC with drastically fewer participants). But the content of the
various "tragedy of Commons" threads on this list and others is broader and
attempts to identify and solve deeply embedded problems in the Commons

So while a discussion on Commons might be easier for Commons administrators
to shape and control, there is no good reason why discussion on this list
(or commons-l) should be dropped in favor of a section on the Commons admin
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